Amazon River Dolphin

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What is the Amazon River Dolphin?

The Amazon River Dolphin, aka bouto, boto, befuo and pink dolphin, is a fresh water dolphin.  It is one of five fresh water dolphins in the world.  It is the most well known of the river dolphins.


Where does the Amazon River Dolphin, Boto Live?

The Amazon River Dolphin, Pink Dolphin is only found in South America.  The Boto's habitat is in the Amazon River.  However, it can also be found in tributaries of the Amazon as well as the Orinoco River and its tributaries in Venezuela.  Subspecies can also be found in Columbia, Ecuador, Northern Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.  These subspecies vary in physical characteristics.  Scientists have identified two subspecies;1. geoffrensis in the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America; 2. geoffreniss boliviensis in the upper Maderia river system of Bolivia.



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